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Snowy City Background: Hard to See the Trees



  • Official comment

    Frenchie are you able to take a screenshot to show the problem you are seeing at the edges?  That will help me pass this along to get it fixed.

    If you can't get a screenshot that's fine, I'll see if someone else can set this up.

  • Nathaniel

    what are themes?

  • Michael B17

    Your background in your city  you got the snow moon and tropical that i know of

  • BlessedYear2022

    still waiting to win mine :) Can CW create new objects for us to add to our city like....

    • winter trees and Topiary shaped shrubbery
    • buildings with christmas lights ( i know this is past now I did ask for this before xmas be nice for next christmas season)
    • trees with christmas lights
    • ice sculptures
    • forest animals etc
    • Ice ponds or ice rinks
    • valentine items

    that we can buy and use in our city to create the theme we want?

    ( tired of the look of inner city burger shacks food trucks bingo halls..I like to add prettier themes items to my city )

    thnx CW

  • BlessedYear2022

    ty CW Love that we got a snow theme thank you!

    but disappointed it didnt have more wintery detail considering how creative the site artists are i was expecting something that looked like the image you used on the box used in the season challenge rewards milestone; instead the trees are just on the edge of the corners where you dont fully enjoy the visual :( theres still alot of space between them and the grid used by CW for the building we earn or buy

    I would have brought the fun wintery mixed theme closer to the square grid for buildings....Visually it would have been so much fun :) 


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