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Reminders for Parties



  • Official comment

    Sounds like a bug to me.  I just setup a reminder for a party and it (unfortunately) worked for me.  So it's not affecting everyone which makes it harder to find the root problem.  We'll put some people onto this on Monday and see if we can get it to fail for us.

  • Michael B17

    Mine hasn't worked either I just go into the parties earlier and wait till they start


    How do you go to the party earlier

  • Dougaroo

    We've had a number of people over here testing this and the reminders are all working correctly for all of us.

    Any more information you can share?  Did they stop working all on one day?  Do you remember doing anything else special related to parties that day?

  • Michael B17

    Last time I tried that it didn't notify me but I almost always go early to parties

  • DoctorO

    It's been happening to me, too - yesterday.

  • Imawinner

    To go to parties early you view your profile then type the name of the host where your name is. Then you have to visit the host's city & enter the room of where the party will be.

    You;ll have to remember who setup the party & which building the party will be in.

    Even if you get there early, there is no way to guarranty you will still get into the party. It could fill up before you pay to get in.


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