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VALENTINES month Any special fun planned for us?



  • Michael B17

    The red lady charm has hearts on it is the only thing I have seen so far

  • BlessedYear2022

    just two things? is what we get  ...Not impressed CW 

  • Michael B17

    They still got 2 weeks

  • BlessedYear2022

    I made this post last year! and decided to see if this simple request was going to be offered to us

    ....a year later still no fun Valentines themes for us to enjoy :(

    • No Valentine Avatars
    • no Valentine themes rooms to party in
    • no valentines charms
    • no valentine hearts
    • no valentines theme buildings to purchase ad decorate in our cities

    I'm really disappointed, this site has so much more potential to be fun for the gamers I just wished they would take into consideration our feedback.


     Casino World as cute as the little bunny is you could have offered him in April for Spring I wouldn't pay VIP just for one virtual little bunny ...this site really needs to be more generous before I invest in it ever again.

    • give us updated fun seasonal avatars for each month/fun Season/ Holiday...
    • give us more than the little bits you offer as rewards!
    • change the amount of winnings in the party rooms to be more generous!
    • make the gem winnings really generous!
    • it shouldn't take over a month to get to the next level: that slow achievement makes it tedious and boring there needs to be more generous incentives!
  • Michael B17

    The red dress charm is a valentines charm I think


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