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Cosmic Chaos sucks




  • Samantha

    I'm sorry to hear there hasn't been luck in Cosmic Chaos recently. Thanks so much for letting us know your feedback. 

  • Padrino1

    same goes for me, but losses over 250 million.....i would think with the jackpot at over 24 billion you could 

    loosen up the game..........

  • Alan347

    Cosmic at 174 billion & Boogie fever is now 77 billion. I think that these large progressive jackpots are ridiculous and discouraging to play. There are even others with a larger payout than Boogie Fever. I have played these large jackpots 24/7 for months. I once had 14 billion... I now have 1 billion. These should never get so high... so frustrating. I was a VIP but cancelled because of this and Blackjack fixed tables.


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