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Please take care of this person



  • Official comment

    If somebody is behaving badly, please report them by clicking on their profile.

    This will ask you for details about their behavior and send that to our customer service team.

  • Magic Mayhem

    Have you blocked them?  That is first thing you should do.  I have noticed a lot of rudeness in some of these parties lately.  I'm here to escape from "reality" for a while and some of the remarks and demanding to buy charms is on my nerves.  If I can buy, I buy but there are just times I cannot be as generous as others.  When that starts, I have just been leaving the party.  Then we have others that say some pretty rude remarks(sexually explicit) and that just goes through me.  I block them and I know this doesn't just happen to me......The parties have gotten pretty lame.....Hey staff, maybe you need to shake things up a bit!!!!!

  • Samantha

    Magic Mayhem, 

    Thanks for your feedback! I'm sorry to hear these players have caused a negative experience in Charm Parties. When you experience this, please report and block them, and we'll take a look into the behavior.

    The name 'biker dude' doesn't pull up an account in our system, so we're unable to investigate unless a report was submitted. 

  • Rose The Hat

    Try to get a screen shot of the behavior to send to CW, and then go on the offender's profile and report and block, as well. 


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