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Bingo Bonuses



  • Official comment

    Ernie sorry to hear you've been on a run without getting any bonuses.  But whether you complain loudly or praise the game profusely, write in to customer service or don't, none of that will affect how any of the games behave.  We don't (we can't) ever change the behavior of a game for a particular user.

    If you do something that violates our terms of service (e.g. threatening another player in the game), that can get you banned - but you would be banned from the entire world.

    So if you're playing, you're playing the same game as everyone else.

  • Michael B17

    I got the 10X thing last bingo challenge I never got them before wondered how I got it

  • Michael B17

    I've sent in a few things of people threatening to shoot  others and stuff and they said it dont go against there standards

  • Dougaroo

    It probably depends on how earnest they feel the threat is.  Certainly it is something you can get banned for (amongst other similar concerns).

  • BullDozier56

    While playing bingo as part of the Feb.1st daily challenge I too noticed that one of my wins gave me a 10x bonus. I am not sure I have seen that before but I was happy with it.

  • MamaDuke n Brady

    10x bingo bonus win is a rare, rare thing.

  • Luck Is ALady

    Today, one of the Daily Challenges is to win 50K coins in one session at Bingo. 

    I played 4 cards @ 25K each, and got a 10x card on every session.  Won on one 10x card in 2nd place!  I usually don't like CW's bingo much cause I hardly ever win at it, but today was nice :-)


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