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need NEW ROOMS to party in



  • Michael B17

    You have to get them in the higher milestones the newer rooms.  Bar out of time is the neon one I jsut got it at milestone 60

  • Samantha

    Thanks so much for your suggestions and feedback, but there are no plans to redesign the buildings nor are there plans to add new ones. However, there may be a possibility for new buildings in the future!

  • BullDozier56

    Since the subject of buildings has been brought I was curious as to why in the City Building Shop top left corner there is a statement suggesting the buildings refresh in X number of hours/minutes, however in my shop they are always the same buildings. Is there a difference in the future, or this a VIP requirement?

  • Mrdon

    U kids could add a Pet area?? would be cool to each Party Room N have pet charms??

    As a Real Pet owner I'd buy J-J n Strait bones!!

    Thiink about it??


    N keep up the good work CW Kids!!!


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