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  • Official comment

    Just to be clear, if this happens and the screen freezes while you are collecting your rewards, you will still receive them all - you just won't get the pleasure of seeing them.

    This is because your receive the rewards on our servers (where everything is stored) just before we start to show you what you won.

    So if the screen freezes, you will still have the rewards when you next login.

    There's still a bug here (the screen should not freeze but when this happens you don't lose any of the prizes.

  • Hootiehoosnarf

    I just took videos and screen shots of this exact thing happening. You can't deny it if there's tangible proof.  Didn't receive what I purchased and my screen conveniently freezes when I am about to get charms or payouts.  Especially during Sea of Whatever it's called...... Sketchy a** sh*t if I ever seen it.

  • DoctorO

    I have to say, I checked out what Dougaroo said about this, and he's right. I used to think I was getting shorted charms; in fact, I think I sent in a request about that. Then, I actually started counting how many charms appeared on the right-hand side, and all of them (eventually) arrived where they should. Ditto for when your screen freezes and you have to re-load CW. In those cases, I wrote down how many extra charms were listed via the collect all charms button, then after getting tossed, I logged back on and added that subtotal to the total # charms I already had prior to grabbing my new charms from my city. I had to write stuff down and really focus on this task a lot for a couple of days, but I actually could never document any missing charms. Every time, the total # charms that should have been added to my account had actually been added by the time I reloaded the website. So, I agree that it does look like you're losing charms, but Dougaroo is right about this.


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