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sea of riches



  • JMAN57

    This month's 65% off is being really cheap. Purchased over 25 spins, mostly Jamba juice, 80k, cigars. Never even sniffed a turtle. For the last year or better, this was a good deal. Not anymore, I'll keep my gems. (Played 3 different times to see if it was a one off, no joy)

  • NorCal Girl

    I played later and did very well - over 60 mil coins, 440 gems and almost 300 party passes not to mention all the charms.

  • Samantha


    If you are already logged in when the promotion ends, refreshing Casino World would be required for the promotions to be updated. However the promotion had ended when the screenshot was taken. We double-checked this with our teams, and confirmed Casino World needed to be refreshed. 

    Casino World promotions end at 12:00 AM PST. If you're playing Casino World around that time, I recommend refreshing just to double-check which promotions are still active.


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