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Lily Pond Solitaire Ripoff Scheme



  • Official comment

    Yeah you shouldn't need to start another game for it to count the previous game towards the challenge.  It sounds like we may have a bug in the way that the little notification triggers in the corner to show that the challenge is complete - so it only updates the display once you start the next game.

    We'll see if we can track that down and get it fixed.

  • alison2260

    I have found if I click on the lower left corner box "season challenges" after completing the lilypond challenge, that makes the game count.. That's just my experience

  • wolfmom21fl

    yes.. that works sometimes when it asks you to play one game or something.. but it did not work and doesnt work when it is counting the number of coins earned. 

  • Dougaroo

    I just checked and there was indeed a bug reported on this and it has been fixed - so this should be corrected with the next update (in about 10 days).

    Just to be clear, the challenge does in fact complete when you finish the required task, but the display isn't updating right away (so it looks like the challenge isn't over).  But if you go and look under "season challenges" it should indeed show as "completed" there without needing to start another game.

    Sorry about this mistake.

  • wolfmom21fl

    OMG! I think this is the very first time I have seen Dougie actually admit to an actual issue being on their end of things. Holy COW! I am going to mark this on my calendar! I have a feeling I may never see this happen again.. WOWZA! LOL.. goofing off of course but seriously. I honestly do not remember this ever happening before.. 

  • Dougaroo

    Haha - hey we like to surprise :)

    Actually we make mistakes and have bugs all the time.  Challenges launched with quite a few that we've been steadily finding and fixing (like this one).  Casino World all together is about 2 million lines of code - so yeah, there's definitely pieces that will be wrong in all that.  It's just not things like "the dealer at Blackjack is cheating to get better cards than me" :)


  • gage12

    playing a challenge of ma jong it said play 4 games i played 5 or 6 games and only got credited for1 game      whats up with that

  • Michael B17

    Did you play then in a row or did you play a few and leave it says 4 in a row ?


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