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Same people having a party 24 hours a day



  • Samantha

    I'm very sorry, but players are allowed to host parties every hour. There are currently no plans to limit the amount of parties players can host in a day. 

  • Michael B17

    You can always block that person and you wont see there partys on your party menu

  • NorCal Girl

    Or just limit the total number of parties in a 5 minute time period.  Some days there are so many parties at the same time, you can't get enough people to start the party - it's very frustrating!  I try to limit the parties I go to so that the charms has 2 or more clovers.  I don't like 1 clover charms - we get enough of those in My City.  Again, this is my personal choice and not meant to hurt anyone's feelings.

  • Sports Fan

    So true NorCal Girl. I don't know how many times i made a party and it never went. Because there 20 party's going on a the same time.

  • 11Mrs Mercy Me

    I believe the solution to filling your party is to hand invite your friends that are on line. Just send them a short message that you are having a party in ....min...1/2hr and you would love if they would come. Most people would chose a Hosted party over a non hosted party.  So PackerFan post your party about 1/2 out then go thru online friends and letting them know you will be hosting a party if you do this with about 30 people I am sure you will fill. It's a lot of work I know but so many will appreciate the personal invite.  I am sure you will fill and hopefully complete the buster bar. Also what I do or have in the past will say Party in 1/2 hr. how many gems/party passes to get in or the charm and then say: Come if you can... That puts no obligation or guilt if they can't make it. This also opens up communication between friends, you will be surprised at how many will later ask you to post another and another. Making you very popular in the party scene and you never know you might just find that Best Friend you ever had right here on Casino World. 


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