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Charms all disappeared four times in 10 days!! This is ridiculous! I'm furious!!



  • Sue3599

    I agree. I have lost all my charms twice, maybe 3 times and there is no way to get them back. That is ridiculous.


  • Sports Fan 88

    I hear you there. I can't change my monthly challenges because they said i moved them all. Which i didn't they said it can't be fixed because of a tool they use. Mad about that also you pay good money for something you want it to be fair and to run properly without issues.

  • Honey371

    Hi, OhioGal88 I’m sorry you think your charms are being taken from you Casino World (CW) has nothing to gain by taking your charms. CW want the members and non-members to have fun playing the games of their choice. All of the charms have a different value for the number of coins in each charm. Some of the charms pay out more coins while other charms pay out less. Each charm has cloves, the number of cloves range from six to one clove. The more cloves a charm has the more coins the charm has. The coins are dispensed as you play your selected game. When the coins are completely paid out the charm will be removed from your charm menu because all of the coins have been used. I hope this information is helpful have fun enjoy the site keep playing.


  • Honey371

    Hi Sue3599 Read my post to OhioGal88 I hope this information is helpful. When all the charm coins are used the charm is removed from your charm menu. The charms are used to boost your coin balance. To get more charms, you can buy them, complete challenges, open treasure boxes, play sea of riches or go to charm parties. Charm parties are the best way to get a lot of charms. You can get 25 charms for attending a party and 26 for hosting a party. Each player can buy a charm and everyone at the party will get a charm also. The charm parties are fun. Keep playing and have fun!!

  • Michael B17

    VIP's get 26 charms once they hit so many reward points on the road.  every so often you get 27 when the party starts.  

  • Michael B17

    I've had that happen to me a few times too that last mega day

  • jimbobrae

    I had the  same thing happen to me.

    Lost almost 6000 charms while i was in a party room

    Emailed CW and they gave me the standard response of how charms work in a game


    Still no resolution to my problems

  • tonka toy

    hi everybody i seem to have a problem with sea of riches ,everynow and then the screen freezes as i collect the rewards and charms as soon as it fills the slots and it issues the prize it freezes, can only press reload page, problem is you lose all the rewards from the 5 spins but the gems have still been taken . been playing bout a year and it happens only when collect rewards weirdly ,does not do it on any other game ive tried clearing caches and running spy ware but no problems are highlighted , is it something im doing ??


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