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AFK in bubble



  • Official comment

    You don't need to do anything explicit. If you stop doing anything active in the game, it should just pop-up after a while.

  • 11Mrs Mercy Me

    Interesting question, If I were you I would announce in the room you will be away from your keyboard, and that you will be right back cause there is a saying on Vegas World and many from there came to CW and it is this, "move away from the AFK" why would people say this because the host is about to block them for allowing there Avitar to go AFK and not being involved in the party. So I would at least say something incase your Avitar goes AFK for most to go AFK in a room is actually considered rude to most people. It makes some so mad they will block the person. I personally try to give the benefit of the doubt and justify for them that the dog and the cat got into a fight and that's why they have left their key board in the middle of a party. Sadly we know people who have had heart attacks during their play time so I don't want to assume they just stuck their avitar in a party and went about their chores or daily work. 


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