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Pai Gow



  • Honey371

     Hi Grandma K, are you clicking on the What’s Hot link to play Double Dragon Pia Gow? The what’s Hot Pia Gow link has a minimum bet of 500,000 coins. Scroll down the page to “Table Games” click on Double Dragon Pia Gow from the “Table Games” menu. Next click on Bet Size drop down arrow this will give you options to choose your bet size. You can bet the amount of coins you want to bet. The range is from 100 to 250K: 5K to 1M: 500K to 10M. I hope this information is helpful, WIN BIG HAVE FUN.


  • NorCal Girl

    You can change the amount on the first screen - see screen shot below.


  • Grandma K

    Thank you!  that helped a lot!

  • Ernie518

    Doesn't matter you still lose, lots!



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