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New Avatars



  • Samantha

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I've passed this along to our teams.

  • HotinAZ

    Yes more blondes like the avatar I use it if she would have blonde hair., know if you had clothes we could buy also that would be additional monies for the casino world. I would to see more blondes with cool hair, today's fashion, more motions. I love how my avatar dances..the others not so much..Avatars and the way they can act and dance and look/dress are most important in the game when going to parties.

    Also would be nice to be able to trade your old avatars in. for avatar coins..or gems..Asking a lot I know but your graphics are wonderful. you have great programmers or something. Maybe we could have personalized avatars..Thank you for Listening. 

  • BlessedYear2022

    I agree and I have also asked for updated Avatar options in the past but got no feedback, I think a few of them look frumpy and not so nice I wouldn't purchase them, and I'm not into country music biker look...please create nicer looking female avatars with classier looking clothes, modern or stylish?

    HotinAZ i believe there is a blond version of that avatar you have

  • alison2260

    New avatars would be nice.. I can't find many with red Hair.. just upgrades on the female avatars would be appreciated.. and being able to buy different outfits, like is done on Vegas world, would be a bonus!

  • Luck Is ALady

    Totally agree with the above comments.  Also, fewer female avatars that gesture like they're "airheads" i.e. the ones that primp their hair, and more that are attractive and intelligent looking without being nerdy or trashy..  So many we have right now are downright ugly or their movements are.  Don't you have any female design artists on your staff?  

  • Luck Is ALady

    Lately I've been using one of the Rosewood avatars, because she looks the most like me and how I would like to represent myself on CW.  Would you please fix their teeth? I've noticed when she smiles her teeth look like some of them are rotten or discolored or something.  Also, that red eye shadow is really icky looking on them.  Those two features really mess up what otherwise is a fairly acceptable looking avatar.

    Also, maybe because Rosewood is one of the less expensive avatars, her dance movements don't last very long.  I got the Enchanted and Endearing Wizardess (Witch?) for Halloween and used her for about 4 weeks.  Her dance movements seem to last about twice as long as Rosewood's, and if you click the "Dance" button multiple times she never stops dancing until the clicks run out.  Where you do that with Rosewood, she stops dancing and then starts up again every time between clicks.

    I may just keep using the Enchanted and Endearing Wizardess as my main avatar, since of all of the ones that you offer, she's really the only one who's gestures and appearance are the most acceptable to me, even though we look nothing alike.


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