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How to win at CW and not pay a bunch of money. Play Jewels of Osiris



  • Brondie

    I've also noticed that the cascades don't pay out as much.

  • zagnut84

    Can't say I've seen that. Same game play.

    As previously noted cascades increase for each sequential drop. To get the highest payouts on cascades you will need to bet the max. amount of $500K.

  • Buzzed Lightyear

    zagnut84  Sorry for my delay in response. I notice earlier that you asked about strategies for winning SportsBook. Most SportsBook strategies are grounded in the Kelly Formula. So for starters, you should do all you can to familiarize yourself with the Kelly Formula, and how to wield it. You can start your education here:


    See, I noticed earlier that you mentioned that SportsBook has "no gameplay". Oh it very much has gameplay, just not the kind gameplay you normally think of when you hear that word. It's more about calculating probabilities and betting the correct amount based on the odds. It's a great game for an accountant like me, and if you get really good at it, you can make some serious money in real life. Here's an article about a guy who turned $50 into $1.1 million in real life:



    Doesn't sound boring to me. 😉


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