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Friend locating using locator results is prone to errors



  • Official comment

    Thanks Droxy - that's very helpful and we think we have identified the root problem.

    A fix should be live in about 2 weeks from today.

  • Samantha

    Are you able to send us screenshots of what's happening?

  • Droxy

    that's going to take awhile.  give me a few days to gather snips.  Sometimes the game moves so I cant snip as fast.

  • Droxy

    here are pic 1 and pic 2 that occired at approx 9:30 AM Central.  Scenarrio- goto friendlist- find "big don". Locator says he's in a party so I pick the go.   Game sends me to party- no big don.   This is after a server refresh.  You can see in the party attendee list and avatars that big don is not in the party I was directed to.  One example.  Happens to me alot.


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