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Party Passes



  • Samantha

    Thanks for your suggestion. I've passed this along to our teams to take into consideration. 

  • luke1899

    how can i trade passes for jems

  • Michael B17

    You can't trade them but you can use them to go to parties and hope they have gems

  • Votto

    The more Willie Nelson Building you have the more you get

  • Terri994

    kitty in casino world,600 party passes

    disappeared yesterday 

  • Unreal D

    It has come to a lot of people's attention that party passes being given out through out treasure boxes have been rather light in nature.  Please give out more, a lot more to us , Thank you , Unreal D

  • LuckIs A Lady

    Its said, "You can't please all of the people all of the time, but you can please some of the people some of the time."  I've only been on CW two months, but from reading so many of the Help posts, it seems like that is definitely true here.

    I saw that players had been complaining about "too many party passes, give us more gems" for awhile.  Last month (November), it seemed like we were getting gems from everywhere.  It was also the first month I was a VIP, so that might have something to do with my perceptions.  More gems in Treasure Boxes, more gems from parties, gem giveaways, 2X gem buys, and I think one time I even got gems from a building in my city (not went kind of quick).  Anyway, now people are complaining, "not enough party passes". 

    I guess part of it depends on whether you're a VIP or not, and also where you are in the game.  I noticed that when you reach the higher Milestones, you get an incredible number of party passes that I can't even imagine being able to use, but by the time I get there I may not see things the same way.  Since I'm now a VIP, I think we get more party passes than non-VIPs do, so I can't judge from their perspective.

    What I do know is that more gems is definitely better.  You can only use party passes to go to parties, but you can use gems for almost everything, including going to parties. Given a choice, I'll definitely take more gems, less passes, please.

  • Michael B17

    The better the buildings in your city the better stuff you get in treasure boxes.  for a while I was pulling in like 5000 gems a day to which I would get me more Willie buildings.  I've got gems and passes in the Willie buildings  usually 60 or less.  alot of times 1 gem or 1 pAss.  You can use passes like nothing if you go to alot of them GNG partys.  

  • harleyhoney

    I agree more party passes and gems in treasure boxes and buildings


  • Mayhem31

    I’m new and didn’t really start doing parties until recently. I used to receive party passes all the time, now nothing. Just ridiculous. 

  • Michael B17

    When you pick a treasure box take the one with bubbles they seem to have the best shot at party passes.  Multi coloured flames could be gems.



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