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Willie Nelson Buildings



  • k9

    That's a good question and I certainly don't have the answer but I do hope the sky's the limit. I'm slowly building my city with top tier buildings and watching them pay back big rewards. Let's keep it coming.

    In the end, success here comes with passing the milestones. Party passes (equaling high value charms at the parties) and gems (equaling more buildings) are the path through the milestones.

  • harleyhoney

    i am not getting passes or charms from my willie buildings very often. do you have to have a certain amount of them to get passes?


  • k9

    Harley, the buildings themselves don't work quite like that. The more buildings you have, the more better buildings you have will all work together to increase the prizes coming from the Treasure Boxes. That's where you will see the benefits of Willie buildings and other high value buildings.

    Fully built, expensive cities return their value through the Treasure Boxes where you will get the gems, party passes and high value charms you're asking about.

    The buildings themselves, whether expensive ones or not, do regularly return coins but as a building ages and matures it produces fewer and fewer coins. In time the buildings settle into regularly delivering a smaller amount of coins.

    Also note that Treasure Box prizes can be very random much like wins from the slots. There will be low level wins and even droughts. Don't worry, high value cities will always come around and payoff big Treasure Box prizes.

    Hope this helps.

  • Michael B17

    I have 165 Willies (most are the main stage)  and every charm I get is 5 or 6 clovers even in the 10 minute box.  Most of the passes I get is between 2100 and 2900 but occasionally more sometimes.  I've gotten 40 to 50 million tokens in TB  the best was 94M thru my TB.  even the 10 minute one gives me 5M to 9.9M  Whenever I win more them 1500 gems it gets me a new Willie.

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Hi - I have 500 WN buildings in my city, with many higher tiered buildings. The most I have pulled from a TB on gems is 9.9K & the most passes I have pulled was 22K. These huge rewards are rare and random, but I have been very satisfied with where I sit now on both passes and gems. My small initial investment I originally made to my city has paid off, and continues to do so very well! Investing in your property like this is the absolute smartest thing you can do. Even if you can't or do not have the money to invest.. you can still be conservative and savvy in your approach and your use of gems.. Simply ensure you have the discipline to save enough of them to invest in your city. Trust me, it will pay off! 

    As mentioned, there will be a time where you may get next to nothing, but have patience. Your real estate investment will always pull through for you! I have never had to pay for a party with gems, and never have the need to purchase gems either. :) 

    I'm pretty sure I am at a point where the treasure boxes have capped out or have reached their maximum payouts, based on others who have larger valued cities and through comparing notes with them.  

    So as of now, I have no plans of getting more buildings at this time. The last two added were the igloo and snowman, which are nice 10 & 8-tiered properties.. just to say I have them :D 

    Hope that helps! 




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