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Did not get credit for coins from My City for today's challenge!



  • Michael B17

    Wait a few hours there will be more coins on the buildings then try again

  • Jene31

    I am having problems in my city.  I have a new house, and I cannot move it, to place it, in any position.  This must be a gift I was given for November.  My city is now frozen.  Any help or advice would be appreciated.  Thank you so much and gl in your game.

  • Samantha

    NorCal Girl, I checked your account, and I'm seeing this Challenge was completed, and your points were collected.

    Jene31, Try refreshing Casino World. Then click once on the building and then click once on the grid where you'd like to place it. If you're clicking and dragging the building, this can cause the building to not place properly.

  • NorCal Girl

    Samantha, I completed the challenge several hours after I posted the problem but thank you for checking.


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