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Collecting Charms in My City



  • Official comment

    Glad to hear it's working better for you.

  • Gordon5

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  • LuckIs A Lady

    Collecting all the charms in your city at once is a great feature, if it worked right.  I'm not sure what problem NorCal Girl is talking about that's been fixed, but if I use the feature, the last two or three of the charms always refuse to go into my Charm Manager when I click the X beside them. My Charm Manager is set not to Auto Equip Charms.

    This seemed to be fixed for awhile and then it went back to not working.  A couple of days ago I tried  retrieving 4 charms at a time, and putting them into Charm Manager, before retrieving 4 more.  That worked once, then the next time I still had 3 charms I couldn't move.  Usually I can eventually get these charms to move if I get another charm from somewhere.  However, if I want to immediately go and play a game, they just get eaten up when I really wanted to save them.

    As it stands I'm retrieving one charm at a time, put it into Charm Manager then rinse and repeat.  It's not too big a deal since I currently only get about 18 charms at a time, but as I get further along in the game and have more buildings giving me charms, it could be a big time hog.


  • k9

    Lady, this happens to me every time I collect charms from my city. When the charms arrive on my side the last four will be left in the 'ready' position. Like you, I wish to move them into the charm storage area and attempt that through the usual methods, i. e., open up the Charm window then click each of the four charms expecting them to slide over into storage. But, no, only the first one goes over and the other three just hang there like so much dead meat.

    This is a long time unattended glitch. It's been like this several months for me.

    I've begun using a simple (and, sadly, necessary) solution to this. After finishing business with "My City", I straightaway hit the refresh button. Restart the browser. Once it's up I navigate to my choice of games and then pack away those three pesky charms. Very effective and less time consuming than managing 18 charms one piece at a time.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    Ty k9.  I'll try it.  It's definitely a lot easier than what I'm doing now.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    k9, tried your solution today and it does just as promised.  Tysm for a workaround to a really frustrating CW glitch, that really works.


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