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Disappearing Slot Games



  • Official comment

    Yes fear not, more slot games are always being steadily added.  We just occasionally pull out the ones that most people don't enjoy.

  • iamsam

    So recently 2 slot games were removed.  One called Mega Trucks and the other ???? Spring.  Neither show up on either my list of slot games available or my partners list of lost games available to play.

    3 days ago I was playing a slot game when a flag appears under a persons username which said "**** just won big in Mega Trucks".  I typed in a question asking how is it that someone is able to play a game that has been discontinued.  No reply was received.

    Yesterday my partner was playing slot games when he received an invitation to go and play the other game which was removed named "something something Spring" (the 2nd of the two that were recently removed).  He followed the invite and was able to play the game.  However, when he looked in his list of playable slot games it was not there.  One of his friends signed in today and when he went to join them they were also playing the "???? Spring" game.

    What is going on with Casino World where some players can play discontinued games and some can't.  Do you now have two list of playable games for some and not others?? 

  • Buzzed Lightyear

    It could be that people with very large friends lists are "keeping them alive" by having one person perpetually play the game (using Auto Spins or the like), and simply inviting other people to play the game in order to keep it alive. Access to the game has been removed, but so long as at least one person is playing the game, it can't permanently be removed. 


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