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Not liking the change in Cha Chingo bingo



  • Official comment

    Hmm, that may be a mistake.  I think we were looking to add in the 1M bet size, but I don't think the existing 250,000 should have been removed.

    Stay tuned, we may be able to get that fixed in a couple of weeks.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    I agree, Theresa.  I play Cha Chingo every day and noticed that change.  It's way too big a jump to go from 100K to 1M.

    Also, Cha Chingo doesn't seem to pay very high when you do well playing it, as opposed to some of the other games.  The other day I bet 100K and got 88 bingos out of 100, but only won 880K

  • Dougaroo

    The 250K bet size will return in about 2 weeks.  Sorry for that omission!


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