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Follow up to Disappearing slots



  • Sports Fan

    I liked mega trucks. They should let customers know they are doing away with some games. Just to delete it without nobody knowing is just unprofessional in my opinion.  They should let us vote to see what games we like and don't like then they would know by that. Good luck iamsam.

  • iamsam

    I agree 100%.  Though I'm questioning whether the 2 games have actually been "removed" as it appears certain people still have access to them.

    Good Luck to you as well.

  • MamaDuke n Brady

    I think that if the game is saved to your favorites, you will be able to access it.  I saved Coming of Spring, and can continue to play it.  So, f you have a game that you like, save it to your Favorites.


  • tine11

    How do you save a game as a favorite?

  • Samantha

    tine11, when you first click on the game you'd like to play, there is an option to add it to favorites at the top of the screen:

    You just need to click on Add to Favorites.

  • tine11

    Awesome, Thank You so much Samantha.


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