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What is the Best Way To Leave A Table?



  • iamsam

    I usually wait for the next hand to be dealt then "fold".  Then I leave the table.  That way that hand continues to be played while your exiting.  They really should have a stand-up/leave button which would allow you to leave easier.

  • BlessedYear2022

    Agreed iamsam I do the same thing, they need a stand up button so the game doesn't force players to wait

  • LuckIs A Lady

    Totally agree.  I keep getting refunded coins in 3-Card Poker, when I've exited the room, even though the previous hand ended and I haven't clicked to "Bet" for the next hand.  The refund message tells me that it will only do this a number of times, so I'm worried if I really do get disconnected, I won't get refunded.

    With Texas Hold 'em, it keeps bringing me back to the game and dealing me cards, after I've tried to exit the game.  With any other site you can leave and be considered out of the game as long as your position is past the Big and Small Blinds.  It seems on CW the only way to truly leave Hold  'Em is to exit and then immediately click on another game or a Party.  Going to the Parties screen, Challenges screen or your City continues to keep you in Hold 'Em.



  • Buzzed Lightyear

    KSBIKER      Not true. Hitting "Refresh" doesn't necessarily get you out fast. Sometimes, you're left in for a hand even after hitting the "Refresh" button. It seems like the best way to leave one game, is to join another. Still, I wish the developers would simply create a "Leave Table" button. That would solve all our problems.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    Mrdon, I play 3 card poker mostly, and Hold Em occasionally.  I've had the most difficulty with Flowplay refunding ante bets I didn't make in 3 card poker.  I always leave after either folding or winning a hand, and don't put up another ante.  Joining a different game doesn't seem to help though. 

    The only sure way I have found to really get out and not get a refund, is to go to My City.  Then go where ever you want to from there.  This seems to work for both 3 card poker and Hold Em.


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