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Bug in Party room when purchasing a charm



  • Samantha

    Does this happen at random, or do you see this happen with a couple of parties at a time? 

    Does refreshing Casino World seem to help at all?

  • BlessedYear2022

    it seems random, but could also have a few parties at a time where it happens.

    I only have a few gems so cant test it to see if it happens when i refresh atm

  • LuckIs A Lady

    This happened to me twice in the last week or so.  Just figured I must have been careless, and didn't realize it was a glitch until I read this post.  The first time I don't remember what I was trying to buy.  It would have the second charm from the left in the first row...probably a martini.  The second time it was definitely bbq chicken.  Both times I got a cigar.  This happened at least 5 days apart.  Can't remember exactly because I didn't pay attention the first time, since I thought it was my fault.

    Second time was yesterday.  I don't remember seeing the msg to accept the charge when the glitch happened.  I'm sure if I saw I was buying a much more expensive charm than I meant to I wouldn't have approved it.  Can't say for sure though, because sometimes it gets pretty hectic when gifting is going quickly, especially yesterday during the Turbo meter promotion.

    I'm still relatively new here (playing on CW less than 60 days), and even though I'm VIP I don't have a lot of gems.  Both times this happened, I was already pretty low on gems, so it was really upsetting.

  • Samantha

    Thanks for letting us know. We'll keep an eye on this and see if we're able to experience the same issue.


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