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Text editing in CW



  • Samantha

    Thanks for your feedback. I've passed this along to our teams. For now, it can help to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your cursor back and forth over the text to help you read over what you've already typed.

  • WinterLuvR

    I've had the same issue and I do hope they change the formatting option for editing our profiles, its annoying that you cant see what you've typed after a paragraph or be able to correct typos

  • Luck Is ALady

    WinterLuvR, it seems that CW has restored our ability to cut-and-paste text in the About Me section of our profiles. I wish we had been told that it had been changed back to the way it was before.

    I revised mine yesterday and had no problem cutting-and-pasting.  The paragraph spacing displayed correctly as I had written it, so that also has been fixed.  The character limit also has either been lengthened or removed, because even though my About Me is now slightly longer than before, all of it is displaying correctly.

    Here are the steps I use to cut-and-paste About Me text:

    1)  Compose in Wordpad

    2)  Highlight all text, then click on copy

    3)  Click on Edit in Profile and set cursor in Edit box

    4)  Use Ctrl V to paste

    If your text is longer than the Edit window, you won't be able to see all of it when you paste it, but once you've done that and saved it, the full text  should all be displayed in your Profile.

    Unfortunately, this is still the only text input area that I'm aware of in CW, where cut-and-paste can be used.  When writing Inbox replies or composing new messages, you can cut text, but you can't paste it back, which makes no sense :-( .

    At least with Profile comments, if you make a typo or don't like how the comment reads, you can always delete it, whether it's on your Profile or someone else's.  I usually leave the original comment up as a guide so I can see how I want to edit it, then go ahead and write/post the corrected one.  Once I'm satisfied with it, I delete the original.

  • RxRLavenderLuv

    This is good to know thnx LuckIs A Lady for sharing all this info!

     The IMMORTAL One only problem with the adding comment is that it doesn't stay up past 30 days


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