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Personal gifts at parties



  • Michael B17

    Depending on the gift some it tells you in your inbox.  

  • Luck Is ALady

    Michael B17, we seem to have an ongoing problem communicating.  I know you try to be helpful and I appreciate that, but I'm sorry, I get annoyed when your answers don't seem to relate to what I'm talking about.  I do know that I don't always explain myself clearly though, and I apologize for that.

    I'm asking that when I attend a party and get a personal gift from someone also at the party, for CW to add a notification in the party room, saying who sent the gift.  I've never gotten an inbox message with this type of gift, and that really wouldn't help my issue.  A personal gift shows up in the list of charm pictures that people are buying for the party, but without the gifter's name.  The only way I know to find out who sent it, is to click on the gift in my Profile.  I don't want to have to leave the party to do this or to check my inbox, since many parties move so fast.  I want to know who the gifter is immediately so I can thank them at the party, rather than later.

    I always get Inbox messages with any other gifts, when the gifter and I are not at a party together when they give me the gift. I'm not talking about those types of gifts here though.  I'm specifically referring to personal gifts given at a party. 

  • Luck Is ALady

    Today, two different times when I was in a party and someone sent me a personal gift, I DID see a notice that showed who it was from.  It was just like the notices beside the charms that identify the ppl in the party who are gifting them, and exactly what I was asking for.

    Just want to apologize if CW has been doing this all along, but for some reason I never saw them.  I know the notices don't stay on too long, so if you're chatting or in the process of buying charms, or there is a frenzy of charm buying going on, it would definitely be possible to miss them. 

    If you guys did just enable this feature, thank you very much.

  • 11Mrs Mercy Me

    @ Luckis A Lady, I know what your talking about as many people will send a rose, hug, or something else. But I missed who it was.  So I will go to my profile and look at the gifts received and then I know who sent me what so I can reciprocate to them, can even click on the persons name and send them a personal note under other to send a Thank You note. I hope this helps you.



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