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Lily Pond Solitaire



  • Lonestar7

    after seeing your post i checked my daily power up bonus today. Before I clicked the ok button I was showing that I had 91 powerups.  I played one game without using any power ups, and got out of cassie then went back in and when I pulled up lily pad solitaire, it is still only showing 91 power ups. If I am supposed to be receiving a power up every day and didn't use any, then it should have changed to 92. this is not right. and i agree with the fact that some games do not even pull up power ups that you can use them? what is the purpose of visiting/playing lily pad to get power ups if you don't even get them or have them available to use???

  • NorCal Girl

    Lonestar7, I did not notice that before but I did what you did and I still have the same amount of power ups.  CW needs to get that fixed!


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