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Analyzing treasure boxes



  • Tickle

    Part 2: Box times

    There are 4 different colours of boxes and each one has a different maturation time before you can collect it.

    I found that these range anywhere from 11min to 25min before the season perk that reduces time by 50% and 8min to 13min after that perk. It's not exactly a 50% reduction from what I've seen but close enough.

    2 hours before the 50% time reduction and 1 hour after.

    4 hours before the 50% time reduction and 2 hours after.

    8 hours before the 50% time reduction and 4 hours after.

    Picking a longer timed box will usually yield a higher payout, on the average, but not always. If you are letting the game sit for a long period you should pick the higher timed box but if you are actively playing you will get more by playing the lower timed boxes more often. Of course if you are aiming for a specific type of payout then that changes everything. If you want gems then you will always take a 1hr flaming/lightning box over a 4hr steaming box for example.

  • Tickle

    Part 3: Analysis

    Not a massive sample size but good enough to see what was going on. I tracked the payout from a few hundred boxes to get these results.

    Note: I'm not listing exact payout amounts because they will not be the same for you. The amount paid out depends on the size of your city and the quality of the buildings. Everyone has a different size city so everyone will have different payouts, I'm pretty sure the type of payout is the same for everyone though.

    Note 2: The percentages listed here are based on a sample size that isn't huge. If I found something happens 5% of the time it may actually be 10% of the time over a large sample. Even if it's not totally accurate it will give you a good idea of what to expect.

    Smoking boxes can pay out anything but usually pay out in coins.
    Almost all of the boxes I opened were short timers but the average of all of them was:
    Coins 82%
    Charm 11%
    Gems 4%
    Passes 3%

    I didn't have a large enough sample size of the longer timed boxes to see what difference that made but it appears that the longer timed boxes tend to pay more as would be expected. It is also likely that the longer timed boxes are more likely to payout higher tier charms, passes or gems but I don't know that for sure and it's probably still a low percentage of the time. I only opened 3 of the longest timed boxes and 1 had a significant amount of gems but that could be a fluke.

    As for lightning effects, I only opened 34 smoking boxes with lightning so it's not a huge sample size but it appears that lightning boxes pay almost exclusively coins. Out of the 34 boxes 33 of them paid coins and 1 paid a charm. It also doesn't appear that lightning increases the average amount of coins.

    Steaming boxes can pay anything but most of the time they pay out charms.
    This type of box is my smallest sample size (approx 80 boxes), out of that I found 1 box with coins, 1 with gems and 4 with passes.
    Charm 88%
    Passes 8%
    Coins 2%
    Gems 2%

    As would be expected the longer timed boxes appear to pay out slightly better charms. I don't have a large enough sample to say if the percentages above change with longer timed boxes, most of the ones I opened were short time, but only the short timed boxes had the passes, gems and coins in my experience.

    The lightning version of these boxes appear to only pay out charms. The lightning versions also appear to pay out higher tier charms. I was getting 3 and 4 clover charms normally, with lightning I was getting much less 3 clover charms and lots of 5 clover ones.

    Bubbling boxes often pay out passes, sometimes charms and rarely gems.
    Across all times a bubbling box paid:
    Passes 61%
    Charm 35%
    Gems 4%

    As would be expected the longer timed boxes appeared to pay out more passes and gems or have higher tier charms. Longer box times did not appear to significantly affect the types of payouts in my experience.

    The lightning version of these boxes payout passes exclusively, it does not appear that lightning has any effect on the number of passes paid out.

    Flaming boxes pay out charms, gems or passes.
    Across all times a flaming box paid out:
    Charm 50% (varied from short timed box 58% to longest 39%)
    Gems 33% (varied from short timed box 24% to longest 41%)
    Passes 17% (varied from short timed box 18% to longest 23%, 6% on small sample size gold boxes skewed this result making the numbers look wrong)

    It appears that the longer the time on the box the more the payout shifts to a higher tier charm, passes or gems.

    The Lightning version of these boxes only payout gems. It does not appear that lightning has any effect on the number of gems paid out.

  • Michael B17

    Nice research I agree with the assessment.  Mine if I take the 2 hour bubble box I get more passes but usually when I take the 4 hour bubble box I get ruby or luckiest 7 charm.  Flames consistant with gems also

  • fraggle

    thanks for the info Tickle 

    I have noticed a change in the boxes this month (Feb)  the Bubble boxes are paying out charms about 60 - 70% of the time hardly any Passes. 

  • Nan23 and Karma

    I would like to know how to get higher tier buildings into my city. To be honest I wasn't aware the buildings are what helps the treasure boxes pay out more, so now I am stuck with a city full and have hardly any room to put new buildings... I see there is storage is this the only way to free up room in a city, put building in storage.? sorry I am so new at this,but now that I have learned ..I would like to build up the city again. lol. thanks for all the help.

  • Tickle

    I think it's just the law of averages. Last month I didn't seem to get many gems from flaming boxes but lately I've gotten lots. At that time someone started a thread that they weren't getting any passes but at the time I was getting lots. Seems random enough.

    Nan23 and Karma
    I only get the "Willie" buildings now, they are the most expensive but give the most benefit. You can convert 1500 gems into 37,500,000 building bucks to buy each one or use building bucks that you get from prizes but the site is really cheap on giving those out. I haven't put any buildings in my storage yet (still have some room) but my understanding is that they still function as normal in there and still pay out coins as if they were in your city.

  • Nan23 and Karma

    Thank you, Appreciate your insight. will do.


  • k9

    Yep, put them in storage. They will still pay coins and prizes from there.

  • Michael B17

    Stick to the tier11 large buildings they give the most stuff. Sometimes you can get a few party passes  (I've got 66 before from 1 building) but mostly its 1 to 6 passes.  Sometimes you get a few gems too.,  Anything in storage still pays coins and prizes still.  

  • Charlie 0

    I may be old but that is SUBTLE! Flames? Steam? OK, I saw the lightning once but didn't pay attention. You gotta be kidding me. I've been playing this thing all wrong.

  • Michael B17

    The flames look like the flames in a fake fireplace  the steam is like misty stuff

  • Charlie 0

    OK. Thank you. The difference between steam and smoke is still kind of subtle, however, at this point, I need to be playing flames and bubbles. And you've solved that puzzle for me. Thank you for your respectful reply.


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