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  • Denise Wynnzall

    Hi Den -  Perhaps I can shed light on it for you.. 

    When you get new buildings, you'll have an initial period where these newer buildings will very frequently deliver coins for a time with higher values if you wait to collect. I call it the 'honeymoon' period and is always temporary. I've yet to see a honeymoon last forever.. :D 

    Anyway.. this 'honeymoon' will happens for a few days, with the coin values provided slowly decreasing, and then these buildings will finally settle in and will still have coins available every 6 hours at a lesser value which is the default. I call this the 'married with kids' status. LOL! 

    So... My suggestion is to be patient and let your city sit and wait before you collect. I'm certain you will see every building populated with coinage in time. Again.. the default for the settled in buildings are every six hours... (4x in 24 hours) You can also wait up to three days to collect coins in your city for max payouts.. or... you can simply collect as you go..  Our individual mileage on preferences when to collect will vary. :) 

    I hope this helps explain things a bit. 

    Have fun, be kind, and win big! 

    Cheers - :DW  

  • DenDeb




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