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3 card poker "invisible" players



  • Michael B17

    I've had that happen a few times to me on Texas hold em

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Yes.. this happens to me and others as well on 3-card, Black Jack, & Hold'em. I asked about this and am told it's a 'user issue'. I must reboot, refresh the browser, or adjust my settings to fix it. Doing so does seem to work, however this will still pop up occasionally. So.. it's another thing we seem to live with. 



  • LuckIs A Lady

    I've been on CW for three months, and this is the first time I've had this happen.  I play a lot of 3 card poker, pretty much every day.  It didn't happen every time I played it on those days, just once each day.  I play blackjack and Texas Hold 'Em regularly too, and have never seen it on either of those.

    What settings do you need to adjust to correct this?  I haven't made any recent changes to the  browser I use for CW, which is Chrome, and 7 Seas is a stand alone app.

  • Denise Wynnzall

    As for anything I do, regarding connectivity issues of all types, to include gaming on CW (they usually tell us it's never a problem on their end). You can follow these best practices. I'm sure you're aware of most... 

    They are: 

    1. Ensuing I do not have any other applications running in the background or any other applications open.

    2. Ensure my browser's cache memory is cleared.

    3. If you have a dedicated graphics card on your computer, which is recommended for most gaming anyway, choose GPU acceleration (you can google how to do that).

    4. Go to my resource manager and ensure I don't have anything running in the background that I don't see.

    5. I'll check my registry to see if anything may had been altered of changed (this is very rare).

    6. I'll use a wired internet connection rather than WiFi.

    7. Ensure the environment I'm in doesn't have other machines, appliances, peripheral, or other devices devouring an over abundance of bandwidth over my LAN or internet connection, this also includes incoming traffic as I manage servers for my IT business, as well as data backups, file and print services etc...

    8. I simply reboot my computers... and on rare occasions, my modem, switch, firewall, and internet router. 

    Hope this helps. 

  • LuckIs A Lady

    Ty Denise.  Your list really didn't help me, because I do all that stuff as a matter of course anyway.  However, I'm sure it will be useful for some players who aren't as familiar with computer maintenance as you and I are.

    I think maybe the Flowplay programmers are tinkering with the 3 card poker graphics.  Tonight I was in a room where I could see all the avatars, but the chips for the initial ante round were invisible, lol.  So I hope they keep working on it and get it right. 

    I've sen a bunch of other graphic glitches on that game since I've been playing, besides the "new for me" invisible players, and now invisible chips..  For instance, sometimes the person's hair to the right of me would get all weird on top, like it was going to fly off their head, during one part of each round.  I think it was when it was his (it was usually a male avatar) turn to bet or fold ...can't remember exactly at what point in the game it would happen, but it really looked strange. Other times, the dealer's cards would be invisible or only one of her three cards would show.


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