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Charm Sort



  • Michael B17

    you got some say 2 clover charms more valuable then some 3 clover charms so that 2 clover charm will be higher in your bank and so on.  just cause they are all 3 clover charms they all don't have the same value and so on.  

  • LuckIs A Lady

    So the charms are sorted by value, and the amount of clovers means nothing?  That doesn't make much sense to me.

  • Michael B17

    Pretty much by how many coins per charm I think.  but generally the clovers are grouped together.  I got some 4 clovers ahead of 5 clover charms and 3 clovers ahead of 4 clovers and 2 clovers ahead of 3 clovers etc.  


  • k9

    There is a wide range of value in every charm group, e.g., among the four clover charms the Bat has over 5 million coins in each one and the Yacht has just shy of 3.8 million (+800K) even though the Yacht cost 100 gems more.

    Still, the Yacht appears before the Bat in the charm storage area. And there are many other examples where value doesn't seem to be the operative criteria. I have no clue how these charms are sorted in storage other than to say six clover clover charms come first and five clover next. After that it looks to be a bit irregular. Why? Who knows.


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