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Friendship & Relationships - Choose Wisely



  • Toni4

    Do we report someone who tries to scam? I accepted a friend request then chatted with this person off of casino world. Sure enough the conversation escalated to him asking for a Steam card. I don't even know what that is. I have seen episodes of Dr. Phill dealing with scam artists that had me on alert. when I refused, he tried to guilt me into sending it. When I flat out refused, he blocked me.

  • BlessedYear2022

    ty for sharing this important reminder.


    • instant compliments when you never talked before
    • conversation escalates to comments of flattery to get you emotionally involved even though you just received a few texts from them.
    • asking personal questions right away
    • literally moving fast with text conversations to get you hooked in ( like Toni4 did) he felt comfortable to ask her to send him a game card which costs her money! THIS will escalate if you do it once! they are con people and manipulators
    • they will share a hardship story to get you to feel sorry for them so you will send them money gifts etc.
    • If they realize they cant manipulate you then they will become verbally abusive, threaten you, use your vulnerabilities to try to further manipulate you through guilt etc! Don't fall for these abusive tactics! report the player to CW and block them

    Catfish are out there! .... that is the reality today when interacting with people online. educate yourself and be aware of the behaviors and tactics they use. NEVER SEND A STRANGER ANYTHING IN THE MAIL especially if you have never seen them or confirmed their identity etc. Play safe Play smart!

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Toni4 -  It's my assumption that - I wouldn't think CW will have any policy, rights, or jurisdiction in handling any interactions that happen between subscribers off their game site. However, if that person was being abusive on this site, then you should absolutely report them straight away. Please ensure you not only flag and report them, but also create a help case with as many details as you can so they can better investigate the situation. CW support has provided basic standards on abusive behavior and guidance on what to do on their code of conduct publication in the event of such incidents. Additionally, many of these con artists are tech savvy and will be careful with their behavior on sites that are managed and monitored more such as here. They also use VPN's which can masquerade their locations and are mobile. They will will try getting you isolated in more of a unmonitored environment as to not raise attention, or lessen the chance of being identified. Usually, early within the initial conversations they'll try to steer you away, but not always. This is why it's important to use common sense above emotion, slow down, and think for yourself. More times than not, if you're more resistant and apply some critical thinking skills, they'll usually catch on fairly quickly you're not going to be an easy target and simply move on to the next.  

    Thanks! :DW

  • LuckIs A Lady

    Ty for posting this, Denise.  If this happened to you or someone you know personally, I'm very sorry that it did. 

    Some people are very naive and unaware when it comes to this type of predator, or even if they are aware they can still get taken in by the sweet talk, gifts, and such.  Hopefully they will read what you said, so they can recognize when they might be getting into a dangerous situation with someone online, and will be able to protect themselves from the scammer before any damage is done.

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Thanks LuckIs A Lady -  I'm good to go, but the bad news is there are some I know who have been the victim of many types of incidents, from general harassment, your garden-variety cyberbullying, all the way up to some pretty major identity theft.

    I felt compelled to put this article out as an FYI and reminder to our community, with the hopes of prevention, and helping those who may have or may be in the process of becoming a victim.  The good news is there is always help, resources, and support available to those who are victimized. The biggest problem is many who have been victimized are ashamed to come forward, or are even afraid to do so.   :DW 

  • Toni4

    Denise Wynnzall thanks for your input. I joined CW just to play games. I will no longer accept friend requests. I am learning more about the features of CW but am not looking for some scammer. No way am I spending my hard earned money on someone I haven't seen face to face.

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Hi Toni4 - 

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I can say with confidence there are many here who don't spend any money on this game site whatsoever & maintain some nice friendships. I'm happy you are doing what you feel most comfortable with, as all of our individual preferences on what we choose to do here will vary. I can only hope you continue to have a nice time, enjoy your experiences here, & always feel free to ask for help. :) 

    Cheers! :DW


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