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Slots - Engaging Space Bar for Rapid Power Spinning



  • Official comment

    Yes this ability to just hold down the spacebar and trigger a lot of fast spins has been removed because it was breaking some slot machines and was never really meant to work like that.

    However we will be adding in a new option in a few releases to let players choose to have auto spin run faster if you prefer that. So stay tuned.

  • k9

    That's interesting, DW. I have never been able to advance the spins by holding down the space bar. Instead, I've always needed to double tap the bar and continue to do that which always became boring and a bit of a drag so I reverted to the slower auto spin.

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Interesting.. I would assume anyone would had been able to do this. I have 3 computers that it worked on, now they operate as you have described...Hmmm. 

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Thanks for your reply. I don't know what a few releases mean in your world for timing; so do you have an approximate date when an auto spin upgrade option is planning to be released for our use? 

  • BlessedYear2022

    Interesting I had no idea this was a game option to do, the site needs to be more transparent on the available features we have when playing the games.


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