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Can you please explain Pending approval notices and why they happen?



  • Official comment

    The forum software we use comes from another company. We don't write it or have any control over it and unfortunately they sometimes mark posts as "pending".
    Whenever that happens and we notice this (we don't get automatically notified either - another issue) we always just approve them.

    So sorry that this happens, but know that it's not casino world doing this and we're not trying to filter or censor any posts.

    (We should get your earlier one approved later today so it appears)

  • BlessedYear2022

    Dougaroo I was requested by the poster to edit my post and remove a name mentioned, so I did and that comment is now Pending approval again :(  ...I'm guessing this one will be as well

  • BlessedYear2022

    I was asked to edit the name out of the post, so I did and now have my shared information on hold again! this is truly ridiculous!

  • hotrod

    the systen said 3 card poker was having a system failure n took 1.5 billions in coins from me how do i get those coins back this isnt fair

  • Samantha

    hotrod, I'm seeing you've submitted a Help Ticket. We'll assist you further from there.


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