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Pls slow down Achievement Award notices



  • Denise Wynnzall

    Yes, it would be nice if you could actually read what those banner notices are. I'll just go into my profile and peak at it and try to figure out what I won. Sometimes I just never know what I did to win an achievement. LOL 

    Don't feel bad about not knowing what you don't know... Well over 90% of my knowledge on here is through other very helpful players and friends who have longer tenure here... and of course by just stumbling around until I figured it out somehow. LOL  :DW 

  • Rare Orchid

    Thank you, Flowplay.  The Achievement Awards have been slowed down,  so you have enough time to read what title and reward you've received.  Excellent!

  • Rare Orchid

    Eek!  Just noticed my latest post is now showing up under my 7 Seas user name, "Rare Orchid".  That's kinda weird because 7 Seas has it's own Help AFAIK.  Maybe all the Flowplay Help postings have now been merged into one?  That would be very confusing, since 7 Seas has many features that are totally absent in CW.  Also, as of this moment, I'm logged out of 7 Seas and into CW, and got to Help through CW.

    FYI, my CW user name is LuckIs A Lady and I created this thread.  I may have to consider changing my name to be the same on both sites, as I'm concerned it's only gonna get more confusing.  When I started playing on 7 Seas, I had no idea there were so many players there who are also on CW, or I wouldn't have chosen a different name to begin with.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    Ok, I just signed out of Help as "Rare Orchid", closed Help,went back to CW, and clicked on Help again.  This time it shows me here as "LuckIs A Lady".  Guess I will just have to remember to check my name at the top of Help to make sure it's the one I want to post as before posting.


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