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✨ CHARM PARTIES ~ My Philosophy & Encouragement



  • Brondie

    I think some people tend to take this stuff too seriously.  After all, they are just a bunch of games and everyone has free will to do what they want.  It's supposed to be for fun.  Fearful about stalking?  Don't engage in chats.  Don't like GNGs or 'must throw' parties?  Don't attend.  Why do people have to be a$$holes?  Perhaps they are in real life.  Ignore them.  It's just that simple.  My time on here has been fun.  I choose to engage when I want.  However, people not participating in Parties is my pet peeve.  I know I'm guilty of it on occasion, but I always try to contribute something in every Party.  Rant over.  Play on and win!  

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Hi Brondie -

    Thank you (and you are not ranting!) 

    It goes back to community and how one will participate within. It's quite remarkable how our virtual world emulates our 'real life' society as a whole. 'give 'n take'.. for whatever reasons...  We are also fortunate to have the freedom of choice as well. I try to make efforts to simplify those choices. If there is someone or something intending to pose a potential adverse impact, then I choose to stay clear & move on.

    I have discovered the only one I can change is myself as I have no control over others; it's more of a burden in trying to do so anyway. My goodness, I have more than enough work to do on myself as it is, without worrying about what others do or think about me. ;)  

    I am very happy you are doing well & keeping it fun! 



  • MamaDuke n Brady

    You are so appreciated Denise.  You always provide great advise and uplifting encouragement.  You really make being part of the CW family wonderful.  We appreciate the time and effort that you give.  Keep doing what you do.  Blessings to you, my friend. 

  • Denise Wynnzall

    Hi MamaDuke n Brady - 

    What a thoughtful & wonderful thing to say!

    Thank you so much! :DW


  • Night Guy

    Hi Denise,

    There's nothing more I can't agree with. I have been here exactly 1 month and have learnt a lot regarding the games and how the "social" aspect works in parties.
    It was fun when I started with a trial VIP until this one person called me out multiple times in multiple parties. Names calling and such then a block in the end on my 1st week of playing. Was a bit bummed wondering why a game that's supposed to be fun will get so much negativity.
    There was also a host that blocked me because I said ty to someone and not the host, didn't even got to saying thanks and got booted out of the party.
    It was a bit uncalled for, don't even have gems to share. Now I've learnt to just ignore those negative people and look positive. After all it's only a game, the big win as you said is the people whom I meet.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts.

    Have a good day


  • Denise Wynnzall

    Hi Night Guy - 

    Thank you for your reply & sorry you had to go through some unpleasantries. I can confidently speak for the majority of folks on here in welcoming you and hoping you will have some brighter charm party experiences. You are not alone; we have all been new and have seen our share of some of the negativity on here. 

    Please continue to seek and you will find super nice people on here. Sincere friendships take time to cultivate, so continue to be patient, keep it fun, and explore. Always feel free to ask for help & guidance as well. 

    I hope the article has provided some insight and encouragement for you. Continue to take the high road and stay positive; you are doing all the right things! 

    Cheers! :DW

  • Charlie 0

    Well said, Denise. Thank you for taking the time.


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