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Allow City Building to be Traded



  • Official comment

    k9 is correct - we have a plan for how we'd allow buildings to be combined into larger ones, thus allowing you to get rid of a bunch of smaller old buildings that you no longer wish to keep.

    We've not started work on implementing this yet, but hopefully will do so in another month or two.

  • k9

    This idea was floated a year or so ago and received favorable comment. Since then, staff has informed us that an upgrade to the city is forthcoming but without mention of any specific feature.

  • Dougaroo

    Just to be clear, we're not planning to have you sell your buildings, more just combine some smaller ones into a new mega building.  It's mostly just to make sure you don't end up with 1,000 tiny old buildings that you no longer wish to manage.

    Anyway, more details to come when we actually have time to build this.  Sorry it's taken a while - just a small group of folks over here doing the work and lots to do!


  • Fast Filly

    This would be awesome.  To be able to combine multiple smaller buildings into a new mega building.   Count me in!


  • Pat14

    Also, one small request. Can you make it possible for the buildings to rotate to the right so that they all do not face the same way?


  • iwin1

    Love the idea of combining older, small buildings into an upgraded one. Looking forward to that.

  • Ima Mazing

    Great idea. I have so many small buildings that my city just looks a mess. Would love to clean it up and this is a great way to do it. Hope the option to do this happens soon!


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