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Party meter



  • Official comment

    The basic idea is that the better the prizes, the more slowly the meter fills. So the gap between the later boxes is "larger" (need more charms to fill it) just because the 4th and 5th prizes are more valuable.

    This is also why in a more expensive party (e.g. where you need a helicopter to enter it), the meter will fill more slowly overall than in a beer party, but the prizes will also be much larger.

  • Michael B17

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  • Dougaroo

    Nobody ever gets in trouble for asking questions.  We only ever police people (in general in the games) for being rude, unpleasant, threatening etc. to other users or to our staff.  So any polite question will never get you into any trouble.  Of course, we also can't guarantee that any answers we give will make people happy.  We all just do our best :)



    I don't think we can use ANY VIP CHARMS (a helicopter as stated above) to enter a party???

    Correct me please, if I am incorrect.

    Thank you!


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