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Buildings payout.



  • Official comment

    Yes that's right. Buildings of the same tier basically payout around the same amounts.

  • JMAN57

    So I was adding buildings to my city, when I mistakenly clicked on the coin icon above a building, just as I was going back into the building shop. When I came back out, all coins gone, no change in balance.(Should have been north of 130 million coins) Are these just gone, or is there someway to recover them. It's a lot of coins.


  • Samantha

    Coins received from your buildings are handled on the Casino World servers, so these Coins would have been received. If something prevented your Coin total from updating, refreshing can help update your total.

  • Strawberryfield

    In lily pad solitaire it say you can pay power up your game by paying 250 gems forĀ  50 games of extra frogs but when I try it doesn't go thru? Please let me know how to do it.

  • Samantha

    Strawberryfield, I checked your account, and I'm seeing you were able to purchase some Powerups. Please let us know if there's any further trouble.


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