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  • Official comment

    Sorry to hear about your problems JKay. Next time this happens can you grab a screenshot and post it here of the error message.

    It may give us more information about exactly what's going wrong.

  • Harry G

  • Buzzed Lightyear

    JKay   You are 100% correct in blaming the servers. Just two nights ago, I got a 504 error from Casino World, which is an issue that would be 100% on their side. Also, I have a Velocity Micro gaming computer with 64GB of RAM, an i9 Intel 8-core processor with 5.5 GHz of clock speed, and a GeForce 2070 SUPER graphics card, and I still get the same problems as you.

    Make no mistake, the issue is 100% on their side of things. 

  • BrightFuture

    I have also been getting disconnected every few minutes error code 300 on Casino World and Vegas World but fine on all other sites.

  • Harry G

    I'm also suffering the same issues as the above people.  It used to be very sporadic, now lately it happens within 10 minutes of me being on it. No other game I play does this. CW always refund the coins, but it's not the point, you might be on a roll & it's buggered - again!

  • JKay

    Jack I have a wireless computer and my old computer was also wireless. I have never used an ethernet hook-up. My Wi-Fi signal strength bar always shows "excellent strength". I got booted a lot with my other computer, but it was older and I finally realized that I should replace it. Hopefully I won't experience this again, especially since I have a new computer and feel it should not happen at all. Here's hoping! :)

  • Dougaroo

    Buzzed you're correct - if you get a 504 error that is due to a problem with our servers (in this case actually with Google's cloud network which they fixed after having a issue for a few hours, but certainly not a problem with your computer).

    However, in general if you just get disconnected that can be a local computer problem - or more often a local network problem.  We require a constant connection from your computer to our servers and if you are on a Wifi network, those quite often will drop network traffic periodically.  Not all wifi networks do this, but unfortunately quite a lot of network hardware does do this and that will cause a disconnection from our servers.  (Also an old computer with slow CPU and low RAM can also cause this - but for the people in this thread they all have new computers, so that's not a problem).

    None of this is to say we never have problems with our servers.  We do.  But they are rare and we do monitor them very closely (24x7 with people waking up in the night to fix them if there's a problem).  If thousands of players drop off our games at the same time - I assure you we know that's due to our servers and we get right on it when that happens.  But those events are rare.

    We are also working on some new technology to try to work around issues with local network problems - so if your network drops offline temporarily, that we could ignore that and continue to keep the games working.  That's in progress and we hope to have that running in the next couple of months.

    In the meantime, if you have the option a wired network is almost always more stable than a wifi based one, but I know for many people wifi is easier (I'm typing this over a wifi network now).


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