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Party Passes



  • Michael B17

    Alot have been complaining about not getting passes like they used to.  I get them but not like before also just enough to get me by

  • Denise Wynnzall

    For me, I had to force myself to simply be patient and wait. Additionally, I purposely collected and stockpiled over a million passes and was very conservative in participating in or hosting parties... I did this just in case there are those very long droughts, in which of course there have been, and will most likely continue periodically. 

    Most importantly to acknowledge, there is NOTHING guaranteed with this game. You do know that Flow Play (Casino World, Vegas World, 7 Seas) has been recently purchased by another company, Wind Creek Hospitality, so who knows what the future may bring here regarding on-line casino gaming for us. 

    During my year here, I have simply survived by allowing the game to come to me and do the best I can with what resources I can get... Most of what I have learned is by acquiring patience, finding good folks and friends who have helped me along my journey, and tinkering around to find what works best for me. Your individual mileage will always vary. 




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