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Gone Fishing challenge



  • jimbobrae

    I must have been luckier then you, took me 400 spins on auto at minimum bet

  • Brondie

    Finally got the challenge after well over 2000 spins.  

  • Michael B17

    i got the first one in 11 spins and thought this will be easy   next one took over 500 spins.  I left ti on autospin and went back to bed

  • k9

    59 spins for the 1st one then an additional 107 and done. Random luck like every other slot machine.

    Will say, I was disappointed to learn that this Bonus Game requires user input. When the Bonus Game shows up, the user must click a 'Ready' button to continue. And if you're not attending the game...? Yeah, it just sits there doing nothing until we return our attention to it.

    I put the wheels on auto and turn my attention elsewhere just as I always do with these slots so, coming back to see that I was not advancing as expected was vexing. Yep.

    Having said all that, I used the stopwatch feature on my cell phone and learned it took 1:08 minutes for 25 spins. So, 2,000 spins = ~90 minutes. Wouldn't want to give my attention to slot wheels spinning for 90 straight minutes. That would be no bueno.

  • Toni4

    I am glad it's  not just me. I hate these slot challenges featuring bonus spins. I am up to >300 spins and haven't even got free spins.


  • Stanley1789

    Up to 1200 spins no bonus gotten plenty of free spins. ready to take a mulligan.

  • MamaDuke n Brady

    Up to 1500 spins and no bonus yet.  I am all out of chances to change challenges, so I am stuck!

  • MJayne01

    Auto spin was the only way for me - MJ

  • T n TX

    Reduce your bet amount so you don't waste your coins

  • Michael B17

    And use the cheapest charms you got.  I use the charms we get off the buildings in my city,  That challenge you don't play to get coins you just play it to finish the challenge get the 40 reward points with as little loss (if any) as possible.


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