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Lack of gems



  • Official comment

    Sorry to hear you've been unlucky recently but I can assure that absolutely nothing has changed in any way after we picked up new owners.  In particular payouts from the city, treasure boxes and sea of riches are all unchanged.  They would like to use our games in more places (i.e. outside of Casino World), but they aren't looking to change anything about them.


  • Michael B17

    If anything I am getting more gems and passes then I ever did.   One day I had 3 treasure boxes of over 10,000 passes each

  • Tickle

    Statistically flaming boxes pay gems approximately every 1 in 3 times so that's about normal.

    I went through a gemless phase for awhile but have gotten quite a few recently, just the law of averages.


    Build your city up you will get more

  • MJayne01

    I do not see as many flame boxes lately.  I have to play longer and only the 2nd or 3rd time they appear they pay in gems.  The amount paid is the same based on my city.  - MJ


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