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What games payout the most coins with or without charms?



  • Night Guy

    All games on CW has a house edge, as in over the long run you will loose.
    You can always make coins on Jewels of Osiris but most would be around 80M if you are lucky, it not don't make much difference once you get to higher milestones.
    The best game to cash out charms is Dragon Mahjong as most of the time you can clear the board with a 10M bet.
    Invest in your city (tier 11 buildings only) to increase your treasure box payout (more gems and more passes). Re-invest in your city with the gems received and go to high charm parties like bats/rockets/unicorns. You will need about 1000 unicorns/bats for every 5B coins you want to gain.

  • blucrsr

    I have found that without many charms your account balance will slowly disappear.  If you have a bunch of charms, Jewel of Osiris pays out really well.

  • Lucy Loco

    Thank you very much!

  • k9

    Thing is, I have had chats with several players who have passed milestone 70 and, as it turns out, they have each had their success playing games different from the others.

    Try this, cruise the Top Scores button. Start with All Slots and run thru those then look thru the other games. Take note of how much is being won in various games. Switch the time frame to monthly and yearly. Be sure to check out Sports Book, those guys are scoring trillions every month. Yeah, trillions.

    Anyway, if you try this you may find the game or games best for you. And, no, I don't think there is a game which pays out better than all the others. Although there is Blackjack but the winning line there is complex.

  • fishonron

    How do you get "Jewel of Osiris" to pay out well?

    It's one of my favorite games and I've learned that taking your time and being more deliberate with your moves is important but I rarely net a profit in that game.

    I don't use charms in that game so is that my mistake?

    I like the game so I just bet low but I'd sure like to net a profit once and a while.

    Any "Jewel of Osiris" tips would be appreciated.


  • Samantha

    There's quite a few tips for Jewels of Osiris in this post: 


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