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Ridiculously High Jackpot Payouts?



  • Official comment

    Interested to see how players feel about this.  Smaller jackpots that pay off more frequently or larger ones that pay off less often?  (They will always be hard to hit, but they do also pay out - if memory serves there's usually somebody winning one of these each day or so last time I checked).


  • k9

    Kinda disagree. In the end all slots pay the same. Just takes time to even out. Of course I could be wrong but would need to see the code to be convinced.

    For now, I disagree.

  • jimbobrae

    Look at Cosmic Chaos, Jack Pot is over 249 billion.

    I have been on here over a year and half now and have never seen it won

  • Love my husband

    I would enjoy learning who has won jackpots, just one. No one I have asked knows of someone who has won.


  • Pat14

    I have 54 billion & I am going to play Boogie Fever 500 coin bet 24/7 for as long as my money holds out.... I have very little hope that I will win.

    I have done this before and never won.... personally, I do not think it is possible. Why doesn't CW post winning jackpots, dates, and winners if jackpots were won daily as Doug claims?


    PS--- Cosmic Chaos is so huge that I do believe it has never been won.

  • jimbobrae

    I find Dougaroo's stats a little hard to believe, If that many jackpots have been won why doesn't CW post the winners?

    Been playing Cosmic Chaos every day now for 566 days, no way has that one been won, look at the amount, also you rarely even see the jackpot symbols, maybe one or two

    Just adding my 2 cents for what it's worth

  • Pat14

    I have quit being a VIP because of this somewhat questionable practice.

    Just make a list of daily Jackpot winners, the game they were playing, & bet size. Reset the algorithms so that the Jackpots do not grow as ridiculously high as Cosmic Chaos. 

  • Dougaroo

    We've been slow to publish lists of jackpot winners just because it seems like this could bring them rather unwanted attention from other players.

    However, we are planning to show the biggest wins of each player in their profiles - so if you have access to their profile you can see their biggest wins.  That seems to solve the privacy concerns as any player can hide their profile.

    As for the algorithms on jackpot sizes - that I will send some feedback to the team on and they may adjust the odds to make them easier to win (thus reducing the huge jackpot sizes).

  • Pat14

    I will keep playing the Big Jackpots bet until I lose my 45 Billion. I also recorded all of the jackpot total last March for all of the games & bet amounts. I am going to do an update to see how many jackpots were won... stay tuned.

  • Pat14

    PS- Dougaroo, you do not need to show the winner's name. just have a location where you can see the Jackpot wins... date, amount, game, & bet size. That is all you need for us to see that jackpot's are being won.


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