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Designate Friends' Names in Party Room List



  • Official comment

    That's an interesting idea Lady.  We'll definitely discuss it internally.

  • Luck Is ALady

    Ty Dougaroo.  I would definitely appreciate it :-)


  • fishonron

    I agree with Luckls A Lady, I've been thinking the same thing for quite a while now.

  • MJayne01

    That is a great idea and would be very helpful....MJ

  • Luck Is ALady

    Today on CW and 7 Seas, Flowplay implemented the change I asked for - to have a way to tell at a glance which players in a room with us are on our Friends List. If a player is your friend you'll know because there will be a gold star beside their name in the room list.  I saw some names of players today that I had evidently friended long ago and then forgotten about, so it was great to be able to have a quick way to know they're on my list.

    Tysm Flowplay!!  Excellent job!  

  • Dougaroo

    Yes this change was entirely from your original idea.  We agreed it made sense to show who your friends are.

    Thanks for the idea!



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