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Compiling Building Upgrade Info - Need Help



  • Night Guy
    Angel Tower<-Diamond Hall T9 T9->T10 12.5M->25M
    Hyperbowling<-Midnight Bowl T9->T10 12.5M->25M
    Diamond Hotel <- Penthouse Hotel T8->T9 / 5M->12.5M
    Outdoor Rave<-Warehouse Rave T8->10 / 5M->25M
    Worldwide Slots<-777 Slots T8->T9 / 5M->12.5M
    Hotel Galactic<-Hotel 3000 T7->T10 / 2.5M->25M
    Horserace Championships <- Horserace Fields T7 ->T8 / 2.5M->5M
    Mixologist <- Bar Hotspot
    T7->T9 / 2.5M->12.5M
    Mediterranean Kitchen T8 <- Italian Eatery T7 T7->T8 / 2.5M->5M
    Mediterranean Villa <- European Villa T6-T7 / 1.2M->2.5M
    Eternal Rest T8 <- Hotel Spooked T6 T6-T8 / 1.2M->5M
    Hotel Olympus<-The Parthenon T6->T7 / 1.2M->2.5M
    World Series Poker <- High Roller Poker T6->10 / 1.2M->25M
    Steakhouse <- BBQ Joint
    T3->T5 / 125K->500K
    Au Naturel -> Glampgrounds
    Bingo Bango T3 <- Bingo Hall T2 125K
    Castle Liquor T3 250K <- Booze Emporium T2
    Burgermania T3 125K<-Burger Drive T2
    The Golden Chicken T7 <- Secret Sauce Chicken Building T5 2.5M
    The Shogun T7<-Sushi Too T5 2.5M
    Toy Wonderland T5 500K <- Toyshop T4
    Videotropolis T6 <- Video Poker Manor T5 1.2M
    Red Carpet Club T6 <- Dance Hall T3

    These are some of the info I have just missing data for Au Naturel/Glampgrounds and a couple other. Please add it to your list. Cost is pretty simple to figure out as all same Tier buildings cost the same upgrade or not.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    Tysm Night Guy!

  • fishonron

    Is there a complete list anywhere on CW that lists all buildings and the values (tier and size)?


  • LuckIs A Lady

    No there isn't, fishonron.  We're trying to get CW to give us that information, but so far no luck, so I'm doing what I can with the info that is available but not easy to get to.

  • LuckIs A Lady

    In my initial post, I forgot to mention Party Buildings.  We also need CW to provide us Tier Info on them, since there's no place to look them up either.

  • Charlie 0

    I'm capturing data on a few things. Charm payouts and city income, for instance. I look forward to your info on building tier, cost and upgrades.

  • Night Guy

    Bumping this up :)

  • 7 th

    NICE!!! Has anyone updated these lists in 2023?


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