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Better prizes for the boxes



  • Charlie 0

    While I understand your frustration -- waiting 8 hours and getting a dino egg is painful -- there are odds to what you can get out of a fire box or a bubble box or whatever. Those odds are posted somewhere else in here. Not sure what post. Anyway, it's gambling. That's what a casino is. You have to lose sometimes to make the wins exciting. And that's what the designers want to build in you. That's why you come back. It's like crack -- but legal and probably not damaging to your health.

  • Big E 2

    Yeah I've seen that post. I'll only do bubbles for 8 hours if I can help it...and to get a charm I can get after a couple of hours is disappointing. But yes, I still come back, and am thankful when I get the speed up bonus so at least it's at most four hours of waiting...


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